rats model

Human Blood Brain Barrier Model

3D45002 6 well
EUR 2373

3D Rat Blood-Brain Barrier Model

3D45005 96 well
EUR 10483

WSE-6300 Luminograph III Basic Touch screen model

2006305 1unit
EUR 34552
Description: 6.0mega Pi xel Cool ed CCD wi r h F0.8

CytoSelect 24-Well Cell Contraction Assay Kit (Floating Matrix Model)

CBA-5020 24 assays
EUR 566
Description: Cell Biolabs? Cell Contraction Assays (Floating Matrix Model) provide a simple, in vitro system to assess cell contractivity and screen cell contraction mediators. The proprietary Cell Contraction Plate eliminates the matrix releasing step of the conventional contraction assay, providing a faster, higher-throughput method to assess cell contraction.

Optional Foam Rack for 12 x 15ml tubes ( BV1003 model only)

BV1003-T150 1 PC
EUR 113.65

Optional Foam Rack for 5 x 50 ml tubes (BV1003 model only)

BV1003-T500 1 PC
EUR 134.38

Custom production of antibodies in 5 Rats using customer supplied antigen (std 63 days protocol)

RAT-5 1
EUR 1138

Rat Tissue Array - 22 types of rat normal tissues covering all major organs. Each type has triplicates from 3 rats.

Z7020002 5 slides
EUR 1381
Description: Our tissue products are produced by strictly following the IRB ethical standards and procedures and from highest quality tissues. Immediately after collection the tissues are placed in liquid nitrogen and examined by certified pathologists. The thickness of each individual section is ~5um. They are Hematoxylin and Eosin stained and quality tested by immunostaining with anti-beta-actin antibodies. Our tissue products are suitable for various studies on cellular level (RNA localization, Protein expression, etc.) on both normal and pathological cases. It is also an excellent control and educational tool.

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